Royal Nirvana

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A story that follows a crown prince who faces enemies from all sides and falls in love with a maidservant who wants to kill him. He is a son ...
My Girlfriend

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Growing up, Ding Xiaorou had a pretty normal life but at the age of 17, everything changed. Through a series of misunderstandings, Xiaorou finds ...
The Longest Day in Chang’an

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Chang’an. The city of Eternal Peace. China’s ancient imperial capital and the world’s most magnificent metropolis. Its ...
Blowing in the Wind

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An avid mountain climber, Li Feng has spent much of her time enjoying the rugged beauty of the mountains she loves. Now a freshman, she has yet ...
Young Blood Agency

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Four hot-blooded youths form an investigative agency in a quest for the truth. Young Blood Agency is an investigative agency during the ...
Skynet Action

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A van was wrecked in a car accident. A family of three died in a family. Through on-site investigation, Zhao Yiyang, who had just been appointed ...
Good Bye My Princess

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A love story revolves around the 9th Princess of Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfill a marriage alliance with the ...
National Treasure’s Extraordinary Journey

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A story about a group of intellectuals on a mission to protect priceless treasures in order to preserve their national heritage. After the Mukden ...