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Wonder Women

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Lan Fei is a fashionable, cheerful, “multi-functional” housewife. She has a loving architect husband and an intelligent and lively ...
The Offliners

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In Hong Kong, investing in finance, real estate and commerce are down-to-earth activities, but rich heiress Wong Chifei prefers getting her head ...
Barrack O’Karma

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Joel Chan becomes a security guard for the old Golden Building, where there are people of all kinds. He encounters resident and air stewardess ...
Girlie Days

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After years of hard toiling, middle-aged Fong Ying-fung encounters drastic changes in her life! Divorced and unemployed, plus her daughter ...
As Time Goes By

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Every person has a past. Some people cherish the memories, while other choose to avoid them. Max Cheung is the son of village chief Joseph Lee. ...
Big White Duel

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Healthcare reform in Hong Kong is a controversial topic. The government plans to privatize public hospitals and raise funds to maintain ...
My Commissioned Lover

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A lazy construction worker decides to change his ways after meeting a beautiful real estate agent.
I Bet Your Pardon

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Con artist Kent Cheng is imprisoned after being set up by Chinese detective Kent Tong and his senior Paul Chun. Kent T. even steals his ...