Kampung People (2019)

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Razif works with Mr. Suhaimi who sells illegal goods. While Razif was busy managing the sale, police raided their place and arrested him. Razif ...
Dia Yang Ku Cinta

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Cempaka Amna and her brother Iman Idham are the stepchildren of Mr Khalid. They were brought to live with Mr Khalid and his wife, Mdm Marhanna ...
Cikgu Papa Kirim Salam

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According to Adam Haikal, a 30-year-old widower who never knew that his daughter’s (Soraya) new teacher in school, was a former lover of ...
Cinta Tanpa Henti

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The story of Sumayyah, the daughter of Tuan Rahim is mentioned as the heir to take over Edruce Airlines. Sumayyah married Hisyam, a street ...
Leftenan Zana

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Tells about Zana’s dream of wanting to become a soldier but her dream is not met by her father. Zana is the youngest daughter of Major (B) ...
Spanar Jaya X

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Pak Selamat has handed over Spanar Jaya’s workshop to Mat Rock (Opie Zami) who is a loyal worker. However, for almost a year, Spanar ...
Dia Menantu Rahsia

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The engagement between Zamer and Doctor Suraya broke Melissa’s heart. The engagement is set by own Zamer’s mother. Desperate to treat ...
Setelah Cinta Itu Pergi

Watch Setelah Cinta Itu Pergi

The wedding of Ikram and Marina is a happy marriage filled with love that blossoms even without a child, they are not entitled to question ...