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Super Shiro

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The Nohara family dog Shiro becomes a superhero and protects the legendary bone “Bobobobobone” from the evil inventor dog Dekapoo and ...
Rikon na Futari

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Noda Ryusuke is a popular scriptwriter specialising in stories about the perfect married couple but is shocked when his wife of 23 years suddenly ...
Detective Akechi Kogoro

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Dangerous hacker group “Phantom 20” is known internationally. They begin an attack on Hikari Bank in Japan. Kenjiro Namikoshi (Teruyuki Kagawa) ...
Secret Unrequited Love

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When Takuma Kakinouchi (Shuhei Nomura) was 8-years-old, he spent time in the hospital. He made friends with Mayu Taneda (Hinako Sakurai) who was ...
Temp Staff Psychic Ataru

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21-year-old Ataru Matoba begins work for an event company as a dispatched worker. This is her first real job. She goes to work wearing a knit ...
Detective Zero

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Rekihiko Tokiya is an excellent detective in Kyoto. While he chases a suspect, Rekihiko Tokiya falls into a water storage pool at an abandoned ...