Welcome to Demon-School, Iruma-kun

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Suzuki Iruma, human, 14, one day finds himself taken against his will into the world of demons. To add to his predicament, his doting owner and ...

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Born in 1937 in Osaka as the eldest daughter, Kawahara Kimiko moves to Shigaraki with her family at the age of 9. She works to support her family ...

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Okuhara Natsu (Hirose Suzu) was born in Tokyo in 1937. In 1945, she loses both parents to war and becomes an orphan, but her father’s comrade, ...
Idaten: Tokyo Olympics Story

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Traces Japan’s history with the Olympic games and the 1964 Tokyo Olympics for viewers before Tokyo hosts the event again in 2020. The first half ...
Tokusatsu GaGaGa

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The series is based on the manga Tokusatsu Gagaga, a comedy manga by Tanba Niwa. Tokusatsu Gagaga series follows Kano Nakamura, an office lady ...