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Hello, Joann

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This story’s heroine is Qiao An but told modly through the eyes of her friend, Ni Hao. Qiao An used to be from a wealthy family but then ...
Begonia Rouge

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Romance between a girl who wants to seek revenge for her father, and the second son of the Yue family who owns a rogue manufacturing factory.
Wind Blew That Summer

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A story that spans ten years follows a group of young men and women from their schooldays until the time they enter society as adults. It begins ...
Gank Your Heart

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Their meeting was a recipe for disaster, but their romance is sweet. This is a love story between an e-sports gamer and a Tsundere live streamer. ...
Hello My Opponent

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A coming-of-age story that follows a group of students with an interest in debate. Freshman Bai Yu studies Culture Industry Management at Yingli ...
My Poseidon

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A story revolving around a sunny youth and a marine biology student as they work together to protect the ocean. An Fei is a scholar who harbors a ...
The Night of the Comet

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The Night of the Comet tells the story of superstar Cheng Hao who exchanges his identity with his alter ego in a parallel universe Lu Hong Jian, ...
Emperors & Me

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Luo Xi (Dai Wen Wen) is an ordinary university student in her 4th and last year. In order to help and provoke her broken-hearted roommate Fei Yan ...