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Five millennials come to terms with their careers and identities while encountering the hilarity, absurdity, and humanity of living in Metro ...
Taiwan That You Love

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Meet Ivi, a girl who decided to live her dreams in Taiwan when she followed her longtime boyfriend, Eric. To earn allowance and to help with the ...
Call Me Tita

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Calling all proud titas out there, celebrate the “tita” in you with this newest iWant original series! Let’s get the party started.
Jhon en Martian

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Two misfits from different planets will find an unlikely love that transcends differences and distance. 223, a Martian princess, flees her planet ...
Project Feb 14

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A twisted tale between a crazy lovestruck couple who completes a list of perverted tasks to prove their love for each other. Will they experience ...

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Miguel, a young teen from the province was invited by her sister Gabby to go to Manila, only to find out that she already went to Paris as a ...