Investigation Discovery

Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin

Watch Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin

Former Federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin travels to the sites of America’s most perplexing cases, interviewing detectives, prosecutors, coroners, ...
Valley of the Damned

Watch Valley of the Damned

Explore important and disturbing questions concerning how innocent people become ensnared by evil, and how a tight-knit community survives when ...
The Murder Tapes

Watch The Murder Tapes

Incorporating bodycam footage from the initial crime scene, surveillance video, and interrogation room recordings, homicide investigations unfold ...
The Lies That Bind

Watch The Lies That Bind

Stories of murder investigations that gradually exposed one truth after another, revealing the sinister underbelly beneath seemingly placid ...
Murder Board

Watch Murder Board

Stories of baffling murder cases in which the “murder wall” plays a crucial part in solving the crime. The ever growing murder wall evolves ...
The Shadows of Death

Watch The Shadows of Death

Debra Coffey and Melissa Lewis are best friends who work together at a prestigious law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When Melissa is found ...
Murder Loves Company

Watch Murder Loves Company

True-crime stories about murders that take place among close-knit groups of people, including coworkers, neighbors and community members.
Still a Mystery

Watch Still a Mystery

Each episode re-examines a single crime case where unanswered questions still remain. Through original interviews those involved, the evidence is ...
Children of the Snow

Watch Children of the Snow

In the 1970s, Detroit was experiencing an economic boom, but the idyllic suburban life ended abruptly when four children were abducted and killed ...
Dead of Winter

Watch Dead of Winter

Haunting true tales of murder set in the cruelest conditions. Featuring raw, emotional first-person interviews with family and investigators, ...
Hometown Homicide

Watch Hometown Homicide

Using the urgency and intimacy of local news footage, the stories of murder investigations that turned small towns and communities upside down ...
Killing Time

Watch Killing Time

Crime-mystery series that zeroes in on a critical, lost gap of time during the day of a homicide. Once that gap’s pieced back together, it ...
Deadly Secrets

Watch Deadly Secrets

Documentary series about suspenseful games of cat-and-mouse between deceptive villains on journeys of escalating danger and the everyday heroes ...
American Nightmare

Watch American Nightmare

Our best times, our warmest memories, our worst nightmares. When real life home movies and photos meet real crime scene video and stills, murder ...