Man vs. Bear

Watch Man vs. Bear

Three humans do battle with three grizzly bears in a competition of speed, strength, and strategy, and one of the men finds out the hard way what ...
Why We Hate

Watch Why We Hate

Explore one of humanity’s most primal and destructive emotions – hate. At the heart of this timely series is the notion that if people begin to ...
River of No Return

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In the Frank Church Wilderness, the only means of transport and accessing supplies are by way of the largest un-dammed river in North America, ...
Masters of Disaster

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If the internet crashes and power fails, modern technology could be rendered useless. Knowing this, these survivalists and preppers are on the ...

Watch Contact

It’s the age-old question that has daunted scientists, government officials, explorers, religious leaders and populations around the world ...
Undercover Billionaire

Watch Undercover Billionaire

Billionaire Glenn Stearns attempts a monumental challenge that most would claim is impossible. Follow this self-made mogul to see if he can build ...
Greatest Events of World War II in Colour

Watch Greatest Events of World War II in Colour

Using highly advanced colourisation techniques, critical moments from World War II, from Stalingrad to The Battle of Britain, are shown in a ...
Arabia With Levison Wood

Watch Arabia With Levison Wood

British Army officer/explorer Levison Wood sets out on a journey to circumnavigate the Arabian peninsula, embracing the travel methods of the locals.
Savage Builds

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Adam Savage combines his insatiable curiosity and nearly unparalleled inventiveness as he attempts to build working, innovative items. Each ...
Raising Wild

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Former military intelligence officer Brett Hines and his wife make a decision to move their 7 children to a remote area of Washington state to ...
Guardians of the Glades

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Florida has a snake problem, and snake hunter Dusty Crum has assembled the team to tackle it. Burmese pythons have decimated more than 90 percent ...
Dirty Mudder Truckers

Watch Dirty Mudder Truckers

Enter the world of underground truck racing: fierce, thrilling competitions of the baddest drivers and trucks out there. Join the Dirty 7 as they ...
Ed Stafford: First Man Out

Watch Ed Stafford: First Man Out

Ed Stafford takes on a series of head-to-head challenges against some of the biggest names in survival, risking life, limb, and reputation along ...
Bad Chad Customs

Watch Bad Chad Customs

Using only basic tools and his limitless ingenuity, Chad Hiltz, aka Bad Chad, and his team incorporate literally anything into their ...