Extreme Unboxing (2020)

Watch Extreme Unboxing (2020)

Follow a group of larger-than-life personalities from across the country as they buy liquidated merchandise for pennies on the dollar and unbox ...
Court Cam

Watch Court Cam

An in-depth examination of some of the most stunning and emotional courtroom moments caught on camera, from frightening outbursts to furious judges.
Ghost Hunters

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Follow one of the original team leaders, Grant Wilson, and his handpicked group of professional ghost hunters as they use their decades of field ...
60 Days In: Narcoland

Watch 60 Days In: Narcoland

Six participants go undercover in crucial areas along I-65 – one of the biggest drug trafficking corridors in the country, encompassing six ...
Hero Ink

Watch Hero Ink

Police, firefighters, EMS professionals and members of the military share their emotional stories at Prison Break Tattoos, a unique shop in ...
The Employables

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Follow job seekers with conditions such as autism or Tourette Syndrome as they work to overcome obstacles and find fulfilling employment that ...
Many Sides of Jane

Watch Many Sides of Jane

A woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder works to understand her illness, while balancing life as a mother of two, and her doctoral studies.