BAC Nord (2020)

Watch BAC Nord (2020)

A police brigade working in the dangerous northern neighborhoods of Marseille, where the level of crime is higher than anywhere else in France.
Smiley Face Killers (2020)

Watch Smiley Face Killers (2020)

The film is based on actual events and the conspiracy theories that have arisen on the internet as a result of serial deaths of young men that ...
What Lies Below (2020)

Watch What Lies Below (2020)

Liberty, a socially awkward 16-year-old, returns from two months at camp to a blindsided introduction of her mother’s fiancé, John Smith, whose ...
Seized (2020)

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Carl Rizk, an ex-covert operative who’s moved to a small quiet town in Oregon to raise his son and daughter gets awakened by a phone call ...
Strangeville (2020)

Watch Strangeville (2020)

An outback town is prone to mysterious alien abductions, kept secret by the local law. Conspiracy theorist Miles and alcoholic taxi driver Bruce ...
Deadly Illusions (2020)

Watch Deadly Illusions (2020)

The famous illusionists, the Romanov brothers, present to the public their grandiose show, after which they are going to end their joint ...
Boîte Noire

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It follows a young and talented black box analyst (Niney) on a mission to solve the reason behind the deadly crash of a brand new aircraft.
Salvation (2020)

Watch Salvation (2020)

A prostitute steals a billion won from her pimp and is found dead in the river. While his pimp seeks to recover the money, he enlists the help of ...
Run (2020)

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Sergey is a Russian athletics champion whose career is destroyed in a moment by a car accident. Then he discovers that while his injuries have ...
Freaky (2020)

Watch Freaky (2020)

A mystical, ancient dagger causes a notorious serial killer to magically switch bodies with a 17-year-old girl.
True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story (2020)

Watch True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story (2020)

TRUE TO THE GAME II, picks up a year after the first installment of True to the Game, following the the lives of the characters affected by ...
Let Him Go (2020)

Watch Let Him Go (2020)

A retired sheriff and his wife fight to rescue their grandson from a dangerous off-grid family upon the death of their son.
Superdeep (2020)

Watch Superdeep (2020)

The film is based on real events when, in the 1970s, the deepest well in the world with a depth of more than 12 thousand meters was drilled in ...
Arboretum (2020)

Watch Arboretum (2020)

Erik and his best friend Sebastian are two teenagers in a small town on the German border that once ran between East and West. Their parents are ...
U Turn (2020)

Watch U Turn (2020)

U turn tells the story of a budding investigator and a cop who will uncover the new conspiracies of a bike gang.
Hexed (2020)

Watch Hexed (2020)

A year after the death of their friend, a coven of witches point fingers at each other as they try to narrow down who’s out to get ...
LUIGI (2020)

Watch LUIGI (2020)

A man’s life starts spiraling into madness as he becomes fed up with his boring life and dead-end job.