Yemin (2019)

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Reyhan was born in the countryside; is a modest, young and beautiful girl who grew up in traditional style. Reyhan remains an orphan after her ...
Terra Brava

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To avenge his dead parents, Diogo will have to destroy his lover’s mom and face his younger brother. Diogo, a decorated military officer, ...
Cuna de lobos

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After causing the death of her millionaire husband Carlos, Catalina Creel, whose great beauty is only surpassed by her cruelty, will go to any ...
Na Corda Bamba

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Filled with noble characters and locations, “Na Corda Bamba” strives for constant surprise and addresses a universal question: How far would you ...

Watch Nazaré

“Nazaré” is a contemporary love story in a reality that plagues the country every summer. It is a narrative about the struggle of those who are ...
La Usurpadora

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A humble young woman allows herself be manipulated by her twin sister to replace her so she can leave with another man.

Watch Gemelas

The story of 2 twin sisters separated at birth and raised in completely opposite worlds: Luchita Rivera and Dominga Vázquez de Acuña
Preso No. 1

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The story of a humble farmer who becomes President of Mexico. When he is falsely accused of fraud and incarcerated, he must fight back against ...
Go Go Squid!

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Tong Nian is a genius 19-year-old student with high IQ and low EQ, who is also a famous anime cosplay person and sings well. She’s falls in love ...
Amor a la Catalán

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Two women have had a romantic relationship with the same man for years, but when he dies he will leave them in the care of his business: a bakery.
Amar Depois de Amar

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It tells the story of four great passions and the crime they unleash between the Macedo family and the Oliveira family.

Watch Jezabel

The story of Phoenician princess Jezebel, an idol worshipper who marries King Ahab and uses her beauty and wickedness to try to impose on the ...