The Sandman (2020)

Watch The Sandman (2020)

The Sandman tells the tale of Morpheus – a.k.a. Dream of the Endless – an impossibly old being who is also the living personification of dreams. ...

Watch Nosferatu

A ‘remix’ of 1922’s “Nosferatu,” utilizing green screen to insert new actors into the original film’s environments.
Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams (2020)

Watch Hotel Inferno 3: The Castle of Screams (2020)

Frank, although you have retrieved the Fire element, you are still trapped in the hellish Hotel Inferno. Now you must pass through the Village of ...
Beg for Life (2020)

Watch Beg for Life (2020)

A doomed young life in the hands of the begging-mafia.
Play Along (2020)

Watch Play Along (2020)

As Samantha attempts to keep up with the rapid changes of her new high school, she is convinced that in order to fit in, she must successfully ...
Salvation (2020)

Watch Salvation (2020)

A prostitute steals a billion won from her pimp and is found dead in the river. While his pimp seeks to recover the money, he enlists the help of ...
Freaky (2020)

Watch Freaky (2020)

A mystical, ancient dagger causes a notorious serial killer to magically switch bodies with a 17-year-old girl.
The Retreat (2020)

Watch The Retreat (2020)

A man finds himself alone and lost after a horrifying encounter with a monster during a backpacking trip into the Adirondack High Peaks. Now, he ...
Superdeep (2020)

Watch Superdeep (2020)

The film is based on real events when, in the 1970s, the deepest well in the world with a depth of more than 12 thousand meters was drilled in ...
Mistress of Bones (2020)

Watch Mistress of Bones (2020)

Two grave-robbers set to unearth an ancient yet dangerous Aztec amulet from the dead. It is unexpected the true strength of evil this artifact ...
Weirdo (2020)

Watch Weirdo (2020)

When an odd boy is confronted by a bully, conflict leads to a grim conclusion.
Barnacle Face (2020)

Watch Barnacle Face (2020)

His friends are early, the bathroom isn’t clean and Karl has something under his skin…
Tales of the Uncanny (2020)

Watch Tales of the Uncanny (2020)

Severin Films chief David Gregory and House Of Psychotic Women author Kier-La Janisse query a global roster of more than 60 horror writers, ...
Godforsaken (2020)

Watch Godforsaken (2020)

Indie doc crew travels to a small town to document a bizarre and seemingly unnatural case, ending in extreme tragedy.
The Life of Cherry (2020)

Watch The Life of Cherry (2020)

A series of micro-short films made for social media shows Cherry in some bizarre situations of her routine.
Death Care

Watch Death Care

A gang of Home Health Care Nurses are dispatched to terminate undesirable health care patients.
Trick ‘r Treat: Sam’s Gift (2020)

Watch Trick ‘r Treat: Sam’s Gift (2020)

Halloween spirit Sam patrols a neighborhood, enforcing the rules of the holiday and running across people in trouble.
Blossom (2020)

Watch Blossom (2020)

Engaged to the Nightingale, Rose will be ready to sacrifice anything to dance with Bluebeard.